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About the Creek
The Taylor Massey Project

Taylor Massey Creek flows for about 16 kilometers, from the 401 near Pharmacy through the western edge of Scarborough and then the heart of East York, joining the Don River near Don Mills Road and the Don Valley Parkway.

Along the way, the Creek:

  • Flows south through residential areas between the 401 and Lawrence Avenue and on through the industrial area between Lawrence and Eglinton;

  • Bends slightly to the east to wind through the three Eglinton ravines and Pine Hills Cemetery;

  • Turns west to tumble through the St Clair Ravine,Warden Woods, the Dentonia Golf Course, and the Goulding Estate, and finally,

  • Becomes the center piece of Taylor Creek Park, a broad and high-use greenspace that runs over four kilometers from Dawes Road to the Don River.

The map on the right shows the 12 Main reaches of the Creek as well as the Warden Hydro Corridor. Detailed Reach Fact Sheets can be accessed via the Reach Portal.