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Project Goals and Objectives
The Taylor Massey Project

Developed by a group of volunteers throughout 2003 and early 2004, the Taylor Massey Project has three over-arching objectives:

  • To increase community awareness of the watercourse, particularly by seeking to establish or align with existing community organizations as "Reach Stewardship Groups", groups of local residents seeking to become involved in protecting and improving their local environment;

  • To restore both the natural heritage of Creek valley-lands and to improve the water quality and aquatic habitats of the Creek, especially through the City of Toronto’s Wet Weather Flow Master Plan; and,

  • To ensure the creation of the Taylor Massey Trail along the whole of the Creek, with sections of trail in a greenbelt to be established in the Warden Hydro Corridor.

Please continue through the General Information or proceed to the Reach Portal to see customized maps with detailed information on each reach of the watercourse, as well as the Warden Hydro Corridor.