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Founding Volunteers

The TMP was created by volunteers who care about the Creek, including Betty Blashill, Cara Hudson, Christine Jamieson, Janet Klees and family, Rebecca Ma, and Andrew McCammon.


The City of Toronto, for a wide variety of on-going support, but especially to the four TMC Councillors; Parks, Forestry, & Recreation; and Works & Emergency Services.

First Base Solutions, who provided the extensive aerial photographs on this website;

The Bow and Arrow Pub and Restaurant, for hosting our annual fundraising dinner, with support from Creemore Springs Brewery; and,

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, for the digital map of the watershed boundary.

Community Partners
(Listed in chronological order)

The Farlinger Ravine Clean-up Group: This group began cleaning up the Farlinger ravine in 1996 and was the model upon which the TMP’s Reach Stewardship approach was founded. The Farlinger Group co-ordinates an annual spring clean-up and a fall tree planting. Other local partners in Farlinger include: 4th West Scarborough Scout Troup, Second Base Youth Shelter, the Church of the Epiphany, Pine Hills Cemetery, No Frills, Giant Tiger, Bronco Press, and Legacies.

Underwriters’ Laboratories Canada: Staff from ULC dropped by a Saturday TMP/boy scout clean-up of the Underwriters’ Reach and promptly offered support for the project, hosting a boardroom meeting with other local companies that evolved into an annual Underwriters' clean-up and tree planting, as described below.

Toronto Hydro and LEAF Toronto: Toronto Hydro, with its large work force and on-going commitment to both the environment and Earth Week, embraced the need for corporate and employee involvement in local regeneration and have made the annual Underwriters’ spring clean-up and planting a major company initiative. Hydro supports the annual spring event both through the involvement of their own employees and with the involvement of LEAF, Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests, Toronto, who supply trained planting co-ordinators in the spring and conduct an annual summer maintenance activity every summer with Vision Youth.

Terraview Willowfield School: This school has been involved in the Terraview Willowfield concept site since long before The TMP was created, and continues to support local greening through a variety of educational efforts and on-the-ground efforts, including sending about 300 students out for an annual clean-up effort. Gloves are provided by the City, with beverages, snacks, and other items by Nancy Penney and Walton Advocates.

TBI – The Toronto Bay Initiative: For a number of years, the TMP and TBI have co-operated on a bike tour of the Lower Don. Details each year are listed on the Calendar.

Warden Woods Neighbourhood Association: The WWNA and the TMP have been working together on local re-development issues since 2004, and have partnered with us on several local walks and clean-ups.

Santamonica-Birchmount Neighbourhood Association: The SBNA supports the TMP’s strategic vision for the watershed and the protection of Warden Woods. The SBNA also coordinates an annual clean-up of St Clair Ravine Park, and will have its first-ever planting in the fall of 2007.

The Clairlea Neighbourhood Association: The CNA is another local association working with the TMP to protect the watershed, on strategic issues, walks, clean-ups, and plantings.

Friends of the Danforth: Friends of the Danforth supported the first community clean-up of Warden Woods in 2006, sending the largest contingent of participants, and is supporting the effort again in 2007.

The J. Walton House: Located on Warden, this family restaurant and bar supported the first community clean-up of Warden Woods in 2006 with bottled water and granola bars for the participants, and continues to do so.

Jawny Bakers: Located on O’Connor at St Clair, Jawny’s is another family restaurant and pub supporting community involvement, first donating coffee and treats to a clean-up of Taylor Creek Park in 2007.