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The Taylor Massey Project

This page is provided to guide our members and site visitors to recent activities and postings on the website.

After a few slow years, the TMP sees a bright future rallying local residents to inform the City's Ravine Strategy. As many recent plans for Taylor Massey Creek have not been as fulsomely developed as we felt was necessary - including the Don Plan, Wet Weather Flow, the trails master plan, and the Geomorphic study of the Creek - we hope the emerging Ravine Strategy might encourage:

  • More coordination amongst City departments and other agencies;
  • A keener ear for community concerns and aspirations; and,
  • The return of "soft issues", such as protecting natural heritage, creating hiking and cycling trails, and bylaw enforcement for encroachment and illegal outdoor storage practices, to buffer the concrete realities involved in protecting City pipes and bridges while hardening stream edges.

We urge members and the general public to join us at three events this fall designed to familiarize you with the TMP and the City's Ravine Strategy. It's our Creek; let's be well informed and involved in its future.

Please the Calendar of Events for more information.