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The TMP WorkPlan: 2004 - 2024
The Taylor Massey Project

At this point in the website, you will be aware that the City of Toronto will be conducting a sub-watershed study and developing a detailed Implementation Plan for the estimated $60–100 Million worth of work to be effected in the Taylor Massey watershed under Wet Weather Flow Master Plan, with construction forecast to take place from 2008 to 2012.

You will also be aware that early action by those involved in the TMP resulted in an amendment to the Plan, passed by Toronto City Council, to ensure baseline expenditures on green infrastructure so that a significant portion of the Wet Weather funds will be used for watercourse naturalization, wetlands, and streamside plantings, and not be gobbled up by potential cost over-runs on pipes and concrete.

In addition, as you will see from the detailed material contained in the Reach Portal, the TMP has also developed a series of strategic recommendations for Wet Weather Flow, including:

  • that some of the baseflow from north of the 401 be restored to the Creek Taylor (See Reach A10 in the Reach Portal);

  • that a River Restorer be considered within the Underwriters' Reach (See Reach A8); and, of course,

  • that the City use the Wet Weather Flow process as a means of ensuring the acquisition of the Warden Hydro Corridor and the creation of the Taylor Massey Trail.

As we await the Wet Weather Flow Implementation Plan, the TMP is working to identify other major naturalization elements for Taylor Massey Creek, including where wetlands can be expanded or created, and will share our suggestions with the City as it develops the plan.

Our own workplan, assuming Wet Weather Flow construction takes place 2008-12, consists of the following:


Support / comment on the sub-watershed study and the
Implementation Plan
Pursue budget support for the Taylor Massey Trail, including
sections within the Warden Hydro Corridor
Ensure other Green Infrastructure needs are met
Increase community understanding of the Creek
Coordinate walks, presentations, and other events on the Creek


Monitor construction activities while continuing to increase community understanding of the Creek with on-going walks, presentations, plantings, and other events

2012-24 Plant the heck out of the Warden Hydro Corridor and ensure
that appropriate interpretive signage is established throughout
the Creek