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Founding Principles
The Taylor Massey Project

Pending the development of a formal bylaw and a first Annual General Meeting, these Founding Principles are established to guide the direction and accountability of The Taylor Massey Project. These Principles may be amended by the Board as required in order to reflect the evolution of the Project as it moves toward incorporation and the establishment of a formal operating bylaw.


The Taylor Massey Project shall seek to engage local residents in the enjoyment, protection, and restoration of Taylor Massey Creek and its watershed.


The Objects of the TMP are:

  • To increase community awareness of the watercourse, particularly by seeking to establish or align with existing community organizations as Reach Stewardship Groups;
  • To Restore the natural heritage of Creek valley-lands as well as improving the water quality and aquatic habitats of the Creek, especially through the City of Toronto’s Wet Weather Flow Master Plan; and,
  • To ensure the creation of the Taylor Massey Trail along the whole of the Creek, with sections of trail in a greenbelt to be established in the Warden Hydro Corridor.


The TMP shall function on the basis of trust and communication amongst people of good faith acting as members in pursuit of the Mission and Objects.


Membership in the TMP shall be open to any person who agrees with sections 1, 2, and 3 above and who makes a financial or in-kind contribution to the Project. Membership entitles an individual to:

  • e-mail updates;
  • a vote on issues to be decided at general meetings;
  • the opportunity to lead events or activities; and
  • the right to become a member of the Board.


The TMP shall be managed by an Advisory Board which will include all Reach Co-ordinators. Other core volunteers may be involved in Board dsicussions as needed. Representatives of corporate partners supporting the goals of the TMP should also be consulted by the Board as needed, but will not have a formal vote on nor be listed as members of the Board. The Board will seek to establish a calendar of events for 2005 and 2006 as they develop the Project; to develop a more formal structure for the TMP; and to hold a founding Annual General Meeting before the end of 2006. The Board may correspond electronically and via telephone, and will make decisions by consensus.


The TMP will maintain a bank account for the Project and shall denote (a) signing officer(s) for the account as it requires. All financial transactions shall be guided by the principles of transparency, accountability, competitive pricing, and due diligence regarding potential conflicts of interest. An annual financial statement shall be provided to the members, as well as financial updates to members upon request. An annual report for November 2004 to December 31, 2005, is available under what’s new, and a projected budget for 2006 is contained in Appendix II.


The Board may call General Meetings if and as needed, and shall hold one Annual General Meeting each year, with the first to be held before the end of 2006. Once instituted, Annual General Meetings shall receive an annual report and an annual financial report for the year past, deal with issues as may be required to be put to the membership, and elect Directors. Each member with an active e-mail address shall be provided with an electronic notice of a General Meeting at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Appendix I: Members of the Advisory Board

Reach Co-ordinators

Nancy P - Terraview Willowfield & the Warden Hydro Corridor
Betty C - Eglinton Ravine
Janet K - Farlinger Ravine
Frisca O – St Clair Ravine
Jessica C - Warden Woods
Terry B – Dentonia and The Goulding Estates
Susan H - Taylor Creek Park
Open – Manhattan, the Ferris Ravine, the Curity Ravine

For 2006, the Board will rotate the position of Chair to provide experiential training to prospective future chairs. The frist two Acting Chairs will be:
Janet Klees, February 19 - March 31, and
Nancy Penny, April 1 – May 31.
The rotation of other members of the Board will established luring the spring.


Cara H – Digital Projects
Christine J – Bird Walk Leader and Ditigal Projects
Rebecca M – Webmaster and Digital Projects
Andrew M – Event Logistics and Communications

Corporate Partners – Participation and support valued but not formally on the Advisory Board

Bob and Patrick at The Bow and Arrow
Paul R, Toronto Hydro, for the Underwriters Reach
RoseMarie T, ULC, for the Underwriters Reach
Louise M, Pine Hills Cemetery, for the Pine Hills Reach

Appendix II: Projected Budget, January 1 – December 31, 2006

Item Expense Revenue Balance  
Balance in the bank, Jan 1     $637.16  
Spring Event Communications Budget 300.00   337.16  
Annual Fundraising Dinner   $1,500.00 1,800.00  
Fall Events Communications 300.00 1,500.00  
November domain and ISP renewal 150.00 1,350.00  
2006 AGM 350.00 1,000.00 *  
* To be held for possible incorporation and 2007 spring communication needs.