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Terraview Willowfield
The Taylor Massey Project

Reach A10

The northernmost reach in Taylor Massey Creek is a fascinating compendium of problems and successes. With the original clean headwaters north of the 401 routed to Highland Creek, the current poor-quality and low-volume base flow has been captured to create two ponds in the northern half of the reach, while storm flows are diverted to a water-quality treat-ment system tucked ingeniously under the local soccer field. The area trail and pedestrian bridge, extensive community plantings, and recreational splash pad provide a sense of place and community.

This award-winning "concept site" needs to be extended southward, as the southern half of the reach still corsets the Creek in a concrete channel, jammed in beside the Warden Hydro Corridor.

Reach Issues

  • Historically clean headwaters flowing from north of the 401 were diverted to Highland Creek during the construction of the highway, so that the current headwaters area consists of 16 hectares of the 401. These deliver huge volumes of litter, automotive droppings, and winter salt to a reduced base flow. We need to investigate our ability to restore some of the traditional base flow.

  • While base and storm-flows from the 401 are now treated, to some degree, there are no stormwater management ponds to treat water from local residential areas. As a result, the plan to remediate the southern half of the reach should include options to replace the existing concrete channel and to create new storm-water ponds using the full width of the hydro corridor, as the corridor is no longer used to transmit electricity.

  • The TMP suggested a motion, passed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, that it seek ownership of the section of the Hydro Corridor containing the Creek.

  • The creation of the Taylor Massey Trail will require a stop-light or cross-walk on Ellesmere.

Other Information

  • Reach Stewardship Group active since 1995 and played a key role in the development of the award-winning concept site. Contact us via if you want to help.
  • Photos of the concept site in "A Breath of Fresh Air", available at all TDSB school libraries.
  • Local walks held frequently. See the Calendar for annual information.

Sub-reach Photos (2002)


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