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Pine Hills
The Taylor Massey Project

Reach A6

This reach, with both banks of the Creek and extensive tablelands around it owned privately by Pine Hills Cemetery, is a delightful retreat located in the heart of the Taylor Massey Watershed. Once through the gates, locked near dark, guests find both an enchanting footpath along the Creek and have access to the largest arboretum in Scarborough.

In addition to welcoming the public, Pine Hills Cemetery practices a broad spectrum of sound environmental practices and has conducted environmental walks with the TMP, local residents, and other organizations.

Reach Issues

  • Some streambank erosion is evident, caused by upstream stormflows from impervious surfaces. Future flows may be reduced and eroded banks may be naturalized under Wet Weather Flow.

  • Several fish barriers have been identified within the reach and are targeted for remediation under WWF.

  • Comprehensive signage, part of the Taylor Massey Project, is needed to direct people around the Cemetery when the gates are locked for the evening.

Other Information

  • The Pine Hills reach is wholly owned by Pine Hills Cemetery, which voluntarily maintains the trail, allows public access, and acts as its own Reach Steward. Please contact them directly, and/or share any observations with us at

  • See the Calendar for annual event information.

Sub-reach Photos (2002)