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The Taylor Massey Project
Celebrating and Protecting Taylor Massey Creek

March 31, 2005

Submission for the April 7th Joint Meeting of
The Planning & Transportation Committee and
The Works Committee

Dear Members of the Two Committees,

Re: Don Valley Corridor Transportation Master Plan

Last year, following our participation in the April 29 public consultation at S Walter Stewart Library, I signed a submission from the Friends of the Don East on the DVC TMP. The submission praised the plan for its vision, stating in part:

“The second draft Don Valley Corridor Transportation Master Plan, presented at a series of public meetings in April, successfully integrates transportation planning with strategic environmental protection. It also responds to concerns raised by the previous City Council, Friends of the Don East, Don Mills Residents Inc, and other community organizations in rejecting a 2002 proposal to expand the car-carrying capacity of the DVP.

“Instead, the Plan proposes increased mass transit and improved traffic flows while incorporating a vision that includes reduced air emissions and limits on the environmental impact of moving millions of people through and around the Don Valley. ….

“This plan has mostly got it right. It sends a strong message about the need for improved management of population growth and smart transportation, based on expanding the capacity of the TTC, Go Transit, and high occupancy vehicle lanes. And it makes a real effort to incorporate the environmental protection of the Don Valley itself, one of the most important environmental features of our community.”

Please note that while I retain a deep admiration for the Plan, I am no longer involved with the Friends of the Don East and that I now Chair The Taylor Massey Project.

At this time, while we recognize that most of the specific elements of the Transportation Management Plan are outside of the Taylor Massey watershed, we offer the following single comment and recommendation:

Comment: While new infrastructure and management strategies under the Transportation Plan will help ease congestion within the study area, vehicle emissions generating air pollutants and greenhouse gases will extend to an air-shed greater than its footprint.

: We request that the Joint Meeting of the two Committees look outside of the boundaries of the study area and ensure the health of an extended air-shed, and that you consider the following motion:

“That the City identify the acquisition of the Warden Hydro Corridor, just outside of the study area and as recommended in the City’s Natural Heritage Study, as a priority, for the following purposes:

  • To turn the Corridor into an extensive and heavily planted greenspace, partly to off-set increased air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from increased transportation in the Don Valley Corridor and partly as an much-needed addition to natural heritage and passive recreational areas in this part of the City;
  • To remove existing hydro towers within the Corridor no longer in use, perform minimal grading within the Corridor for aesthetic purposes, and to locate both ponds and recreational and cycling trails within the Corridor; and
  • To develop the recreational trail as a part of the Taylor Massey Trail, as proposed by the Taylor Massey Project and described on their website, to both connect all of the riparian areas of the watercourse as well as to connect the Taylor Massey system to similar greenspace trails in the City.

A not-to-scale attempt at a drawing to show the location of the Warden Hydro Corridor, just outside of the study area, is enclosed overleaf, as is a hyperlink to the section of our website dealing with the location, naturalization, and infrastructure costs of the proposed Taylor Massey Trail.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew McCammon

cc      Task Force to Bring Back the Don
         TRCA Don Specialist & the Don Watershed Regeneration Council, and
         Selected staff in Parks Acquisition, Transportation, Parks, and Works


City’s Map of the DVC Study Area,
Also showing the approximate location of the Warden Hydro Corridor

City’s Map of the DVC Study Area The shaded area on the right hand side of the drawing represents the approximate location of the Warden Hydro Corridor.

For a full colour map and a complete description of the Taylor Massey Trail, please see: