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The Taylor Massey Project

Reach A3

This reach, owned by the City of Toronto and operated as a golf course, requires paid green-fee admission, and as such has no public access. While cycling detours around Dentonia can be made on streets north and south of the golf course, the most direct route on foot is via a fenced pathway on the south side of the apartment buildings, opposite Warden Woods on Pharmacy, which leads to Victoria Park Avenue via elevated catwalk on the outside north wall of the subway station.

As with all City golf courses, pesticide use has been lowered considerably, about 70% overall, and is applied at Dentonia only under an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) code of practice.


Reach Issues

  • WWF notes reach erosion problems and calls for local channel form naturalization.

  • The TMP hopes for increased creek-bank and riparian edge plantings using low-growing species that will not unduly interfere with golf.

  • The reach has one fish barrier, at the downstream side of Pharmacy Avenue, which needs to be remediated.

  • Implementation plans and monitoring protocols need to be developed for both long-term pesticide reduction and irrigation issues.

Other Information

  • Bring environmental issues to the attention of the golf course in season by calling them at 416 392 2558

  • Please forward copies of any concerns to us at

Sub-reach Photos (2002)