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The Goulding Estate
The Taylor Massey Project

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The smallest reach in the watershed, Goulding is nestled between the Dentonia Golf Course and the longest reach, Taylor Creek Park. The Estate, the last remaining building of Dentonia Park Farms, was designated a heritage site in 1995, and was once owned by the Massey family, who lent their name to the creek and who helped pioneer pasteurization in dairy farming at this location.

The southern slopes coming down from Crescent Town demonstrate the erosion caused when Norway Maples, an non-native species, kill under-story growth. The northern slopes, meanwhile, boast some of the largest Oaks to be seen along the Creek. Nestled against the foot of the western edge of the northern slope, well back from the path, is a song-bird habitat where planting started in 1997.

Reach Issues

  • There is a major fish barrier where the Creek meets the western side of Victoria Park Ave, and the reach hosts a priority stormwater outfall to remediated under WWF.

  • A City of Toronto report suggests that cutting down and replacing the Norway Maples on the southern slope is a priority, both to protect native species and to eliminate erosion of the slope and the subsequent loading of soil into the Creek.

  • Heavy erosion of the banks may require extensive channel form naturalization and/or the relocation of the trail.

  • The TMP believes that WWF should address the reach's potential for both expanded wetlands and the maintenance of the meadow habitat.

Other Information

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