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The Ferris Ravine
The Taylor Massey Project

Reach B1

Part of the massive Taylor Creek Park Environmentally Significant Area, or ESA, the Ferris Ravine south of Rexleigh constitutes its most unspoiled section. While there can be some limited hiking from Plaxton to Rexleigh, downstream of Rexleigh the ravine has no path, is covered in dense vegetation, and is extremely wet throughout its length - even in August. There is also no access to or from the south side of Rexleigh, other than one achieved by climbing a frost fence located on private property. The current qualities of the ESA are maintained by its isolation: isolation the TMP considers worth respecting.

Reach Issues

  • The TMP hopes that work required under Wet Weather Flow to address flows discharging into the ravine and currently eroding the stream banks won't damage the ESA.
  • Natural heritage inventories should be taken before and after WWF, and should be maintained to ensure non-native species don't get a foothold in the ravine.
  • Owners of private property located along the ravine are asked to protect against the discharge of water, litter, and the seeds from non-native species from their property into the ravine.

Other Information

  • The TMP hopes that local property owners might form one or two Reach Stewardship Groups, perhaps using Rexleigh Blvd as a dividing line for areas of interest.
  • Send any comments or expressions of interest to

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